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Acting                                  Cross-Stitch                            Kite Boarding                           Robotics

Aerobics                              Crossword Puzzles                 Kites                                        Rock Climbing

Aero modeling                     Cryptography                          Knitting                                    Rock Collecting

Airbrushing                          Crystals and Rocks                 Knotting                                  Rockets

Aircraft Spotting                  Curling                                     Koi (Kio)                                  Rocking AIDS Babies

Airsofting                             Currency                                 Lace making                            Rocks & Minerals

Amateur Astronomy            Cycling                                    Lacrosse                                 Roller Skating

Amateur Radio                    Dancing                                  Lasers                                     Rowing

Amateur Radio                    Dancing                                  Lasers                                      Rowing

Amateur Theatre                 Darkroom                               Lawn Darts                               Running

Animals/pets/dogs              Darts                                    Learning A Foreign Language    Russian Dolls Collecting

Antiques                              Decoupage                             Learning An Instrument           Sailing

Antiquing                             Die cast Collectibles               Learning To Pilot A Plane        Saltwater Aquariums

Aquariums                           Digital Art                                Leather Crafting                       Scale Model Building

Archaeology                        Digital Photography                Lego’s                                      Scrabble

Archery                                Dioramas                                Listening to Music                   Scrapbooking

Architecture                         Dog Training                           Macramé                                 Scuba Diving

Aromatherapy                     Dogs                                        Magic Tricks                            Sculpting Miniatures

Arrow Heads                       Doll Making                             Mah Jongg                              Sculpture

Arts                                      Dolls                                       Make Military Dioramas           Sewing

Artwork                                Dominoes                               Make Models                           Shadow Boxes

Astrology                             Drawing                                  Making Dioramas                    Shark Fishing

Astronomy                           Driving                                    Making Dollhouses                  Shopping

Astrophotography               Driving                                     Making Model Cars                 Singing

Autographs                         Dumpster Diving                     Making Musical Instruments    Singing In Choir

Backgammon                     Eating out                                 Making Paper                         Skateboarding

Backpacking                       Educational Courses               Making Telescopes                 Skeet Shooting

Badge Collecting                Electronics                               Making Walking Sticks            Sketching

Badminton                          Embroidery                              Map Making                            Skiing

Baking                                Enamels                                   Marbles                                   Skydiving

Ballet Dancing                    Engraving                                Parquetry                                 Snooker

Barbecue and Grilling         Entertaining                             Martial Arts                              Snorkeling

Base Jumping                     Exercise (aerobics, weights)   Matchboxes                            Snow Biking

Baseball/Softball                 Falconry                                  Matchstick Modeling               Snow Globes

Basketball                           Fashion                                   Meditation                                Snowboarding

Beach/Sun tanning             Fast cars                                 Memorabilia                             Snowmobile Riding

Beachcombing                    Fencing                         Metal Detecting/Treasure hunting     Snowshoeing

Beadwork                            Film Making                            Microscopy                              Soap Making

Beat boxing                         Films                                       Miniature Figures                    Soccer

Becoming A Child Advocate    Fish Keeping                      Model airplanes                   Socializing (friends/neighbors)

Beekeeping                         Fishing                                    Model figures                          Spelunking

Bell Ringing                         Fitness                                    Model Railroads                   Spending time with family/kids

Bicycling                              Flower Arranging                    Model Rockets                        Sports Cards

Bird Keeping                       Flower Gardening                   Model Ships                             Squash

Bird watching                      Fly Fishing                              Model Yachts                    Stained Glass (objects/windows)

Blacksmithing                     Fly Tying (For Fly Fishing)      Modeling Ships                        Stamp Collecting

Blogging                              Food Gardening                     Monopoly                                 Stop Motion Animation

BMX                                    Football                                  Motorbikes                               Storytelling

Board Games                     Fossils                                    Mountain Biking                        String Figures

Boating                               Fountain Pens                        Mountain Climbing                   Surf Fishing

Body Building                      Four Wheeling                       Movies                                      Surfing

Bonsai                                Freshwater Aquariums        Musical Works (CD’s / Albums)     Swimming

Books                                 Frisbee                                    Music-Drums                           Swords

Boomerangs                       Frisbee Golf – Frolf                 Music-Guitar                            Table Tennis

Bottle Tops Collecting         Games                                   Music-Keyboard                       Taxidermy

Bottles                                 Garage Saleing                      Nature Photography                Telescope Making

Bottles and Cans                Gardening                               Nature Walking                       Telescopes

Bouldering                          Genealogy                              Needlepoint                            Ten Pin Bowling

Bowling                              Geocaching                             Netball                                    Tennis

Bowls                                 Glass Blowing                         Orchid Raising                        Terrariums

Bridge Building                   Glow Sticking                          Organic Gardening                 Terry Bears

Bringing Food To The Disabled     Go Karts                      Origami (folding paper)          Tesla Coils

Building A House For Habitat For Humanity    Going to movies       Ornithology(bird study)        Tetris

Building circuits                  Gold Panning                          Owning An Antique Car         Textiles

Building Dollhouses            Golfing                                    Paintball                                 Texting

Bungee Jumping               Greeting Card Collecting         Painting                                  Theatre

Business cards                  Grip Strength                           Painting and Drawing             Tie Dyeing

Butterfly (collecting / watching)     Guitar                           Paper Crafts                           Toole Painting

Button Collecting               Guns                                        Paper Dioramas                    Tombstone Rubbing

Cake Decorating                Gunsmith                                 (Tatebanko)                           Tool Collecting

Cake Making / Decorating     Handball                              Paper Making                        Toy Collecting

Calendars                          Handwriting                              Paper Models                        Train Collecting

Calligraphy                        Hang Gliding                            Papier-mâché                        Train Spotting

Cameras                           Hiking                                       Parachuting                           Traveling

Camping                            History                                      People Watching                   Treasure Hunting

Candle Making                  Hockey                                     Performing Arts                     Trekkie

Canoeing                          Home Automation                     Photography                         Tutoring Children

Car Racing                       Home Canning and Jarring       Piano                                     TV watching

Caravaning                      Home Repair                             Pinball Machines                   Urban Exploration

Cats                                 Home Theater                           Pinochle                                 Video Games

Cave Diving                     Horse Riding                             Playing music                         Vivariums

Caving                             Hot Air Ballooning                     Playing team sports               Volleyball

CB Radio                         Hot Rods                                   Poetry Reading                      Volunteer

Ceramics                         Hothouse Gardening                 Polo                                       Walking

Chess                              House Plants                             Poole Pottery                         Walking and Hiking

Church/church activities  How to Cast Miniatures             Portraiture photos                  Walking sticks

Classic Cars                    Hula Hooping                            Postcards                              Wall Art

Classic Video Games      Hummel (figurines)                   Posters                                  War-game terrain making

Classical Guitar               Hunting                                     Pottery                                   War games

Climbing                           Hydroponics                             Puppet theatre                      War hammer

Clocks                              Ice Skating                               Pyrotechnics                         Warships

Cloud Watching                Illusion                                    Quilling                                  Watching sporting events

Coasters                           Interior Design                        Quilting                                  Water Skiing

Coin Collecting                 Internet                                   R/C Boats                              Weather Forecasting

Collect Music                   Jazz                                         R/C Cars                               Weaving

Collecting Antiques          Jet Engines                             R/C Helicopters                     Windsurfing

Collecting Artwork            Jet ski                                      R/C Planes                           Wire Jewelry making

Collecting Albums            Jewelry Making                       Rafting/Canoeing                  Wood Carving

Comic Books                   Jigsaw Puzzles                        Rail fans                                Wood Working

Composing Music            Jogging                                   Reading                                 Working In A Food Pantry

Computer activities          Journaling/writing                    Reading To The Elderly        Working on cars

Cooking                           Juggling                      Reenactment: SCA/ medieval/civil war       Writing

Cosplay (Costum)            Karaoke                                  Reflexology                           Writing Music

Country Music                  Kayaking                                 Relaxing                               Writing Songs

Crafts                               Keep A Journal                        Renting movies                    Yoga

Crochet                            Kit Cars                                   Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals

Crafts                               Kitchen Chemistry                   Restoring Antiques               Yoyo

Croquet                            Kite and Rocket Aerial Photography           Riddles             Arcade Games


Hobbies List

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